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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Health Care in Palm Beach, Florida

Cardiac RehabilitationThis program is designed to prevent the progression of heart related diseases to assist patients and their physicians in managing those diseases. The goal of the cardiac program of Active Home Health Care is for our highly specialized cardiac nurses, together with the physician, patient and their families, to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient that will provide the tools and education to promote Cardiovascular Health.

We have developed a systematic approach to care for the patient in their home environment including:

  • Educating the patient/family in the disease process, medication regimen, diet,

    restrictions, etc.

  • Observation, Assessment, and Reporting of Cardiac Status.
  • Monitoring the therapeutic side effects of medication.
  • Individualized therapeutic exercise program.
  • Medical nutrition therapy with a registered dietician.
  • 24 hour vital signs monitoring including weight with print out.
  • Implementation of Holter monitoring with print out.
  • Lovenox injection.

At-Home Coumadin Testing

  • Portable monitor for Coumadin Testing
  • Measures PT-INR results in seconds
  • Allows frequent testing, leading to better control and fewer complications
  • Compares well with the same test performed in laboratories.

Telemonitoring System at Home

  • Daily monitoring can prevent Hospital Admissions and ER Visits.
  • Monitor heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and weight.
  • Also asks patient as many as 10 questions to further evaluate their condition.
  • Physicians can review patient to determine if adjustments in treatment or office

    visits are required.

  • Allows patient with more critical needs to quickly get attention.

Disease Management Programs

Disease Management allows the company through clinical pathways to assist patient in maintaining and improving their Quality of Life at home. Active Home Health Care has implemented disease management programs to ensure Quality Patient Care while controlling cost through a demonstrated plan of care. Our highly skilled staff works with patients and caregivers to teach them how to manage their symptoms and avoid hospital admissions.

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