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Diabetes Care Program

Diabetes Management in Palm Beach, Florida

Diabetes CareThis Diabetes Disease Management program has been developed based on the National Standards set by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Patients and their families learn basic survival skills as well as self management techniques necessary to control diabetes and the acute and chronic complication associated with it. Certified diabetes instructors on staff can provide consult in-home visits when necessary. Registered dietician can formulate and individualized diet for patients in accordance with American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines.

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring.
  • Insulin syringe preparation/administration.
  • Foot health closely monitored and Foot Care Techniques taught.
  • Anodyne Therapy available to help improve circulation in the extremities.
  • SER Therapy—Stress Management, Energy Conservation, Relaxation Techniques.

Disease Management Programs

Disease Management allows the company through clinical pathways to assist patient in maintaining and improving their Quality of Life at home. Active Home Health Care has implemented disease management programs to ensure Quality Patient Care while controlling cost through a demonstrated plan of care. Our highly skilled staff works with patients and caregivers to teach them how to manage their symptoms and avoid hospital admissions.

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