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Intravenous Therapy Program

Home Health Agency in Palm Beach, Florida

IVAt Active Home Health Care, we believe that our Home IV Therapy Services will have a positive impact on the quality of our patients.Our professional staff will provide your entire Home IV Therapy needs, as well as the support and infusion services necessary for the success of your Home Treatment Program.

IV Antibiotic Therapy: The IFlow Home Pump eclipse disposable elastomeric infusion system is designed to meet all of your intermittent and continuous small infusion requirements. Ideal for patients receiving IV at home, easy for patients to learn, use and assures outstanding performance and reliability.Compact size make storage easier at the patient home with easy disposal in standard “sharps” containers.

Our IV Therapy program includes:

  • Parenteral AntiBiotics / Antifugal

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Parenteral Nutrition Administration (TPN), (Fat Emulsion)

  • Blood and Blood Component Administration

  • Intravenous Pain Management

Disease Management Programs

Disease Management allows the company through clinical pathways to assist patient in maintaining and improving their Quality of Life at home. Active Home Health Care has implemented disease management programs to ensure Quality Patient Care while controlling cost through a demonstrated plan of care. Our highly skilled staff works with patients and caregivers to teach them how to manage their symptoms and avoid hospital admissions.

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