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Partners in Wound Care

Wound Care in Palm Beach, Florida

Wound CareActive Home Health Care has combined and integrated its expert clinical and support services with some of the most respected and recognized leaders in the wound management industry — Hill Rom In Home Medical Solution
and KCI, utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach led by the Physician.

Standardized Wound Management Protocols based on best practice guidelines promote consistency in practices and outcomes. Active Home Health Care professionals use PC Software and Digital Imagery for E-mail transmission to referral sources so that they may monitor their patient’s wound as it heals.

KCI: Vac Therapy has changed the way wounds are healed. Vac Therapy promotes wound healing through negative pressure wound (NPWT) by delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site through a patented dressing. This helps draw wound edges together, remove infectious material and actively promote cellular granulation.

HILL-ROM: “Clinitron At Home” (Bed) Air Fluidized Therapy is ideal for the treatment of advanced pressure ulcer, burns or intractable pain. Air flows gently through microspheres, setting them in motion to create a fluidlike
effect to provide the lowest interface pressure of all special support therapies. This virtually eliminates shear friction, to enhance healing and prevent further tissue damage.

Disease Management Programs

Disease Management allows the company through clinical pathways to assist patient in maintaining and improving their Quality of Life at home. Active Home Health Care has implemented disease management programs to ensure Quality Patient Care while controlling cost through a demonstrated plan of care. Our highly skilled staff works with patients and caregivers to teach them how to manage their symptoms and avoid hospital admissions.

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