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What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy in Seniors?

Physical therapy is often offered as a part of home health care in Florida and you may be wondering why. Well, that’s because physical therapy plays an important role in senior wellness, especially following a hospitalization.

Remember that weak feeling right after getting hospitalized? Physical therapy can help with that. It can help you recover your strength and mobility, so you’re less likely to slip and fall. Aside from these, physical therapy can benefit you in the following ways.

  • Physical therapy can help prevent stroke, cancer, and diabetes. If you have chronic illnesses, it can also help with symptom management.
  • Physical therapy can reduce your likelihood of getting infections (i.e. ulcers) associated with lack of movement.
  • Physical therapy, together with home care, can greatly improve your independence and help you take control of your life.
  • Physical therapy can boost your mood and improve your mental health.

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Key Things to Consider After a Senior Heart Attack

A heart attack takes a massive toll on one’s health. So in the aftermath, it’s crucial to be prepared about providing care. Seniors, in particular, need extra assistance to help them follow their physician’s orders and to help them recover faster.

Here are important factors to consider in aiding their recovery.

  • Medication and exercise.
    A patient who experienced a heart attack must strictly follow their medication routine. So being there to remind them to take their medications can help in their healing. Also, encouraging them to engage in appropriate exercise can help improve their heart health and reduce the risk of another attack.
  • Stress management.
    Successful stress and anxiety management are essential in a fast and successful recovery. You or a home care aide can help alleviate your loved one’s stress by providing companionship and support whenever they need it. Encouraging them to do meditation can also help.
  • Finding the right home health care provider.
    Having a skilled team of caregivers, nurses, and therapists to assist in your loved one’s recovery is also beneficial. Not only can they administer medications and monitor your loved one’s condition, but they can also help reduce heart attack risk factors.

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Tips to Overcome a Senior’s Resistance to Caregiving

Many aging adults find the idea of getting home care difficult to accept. It’s because getting someone to care for you is admitting that you’re not as strong as you used to be. It also means giving up some of your independence.

When the time comes talk to your aging loved one about home health care in Florida, be patient. Here are some tips that can help.

  • Choose the right time and place
    Don’t start talking about getting home health care whenever it suits you. Pick a time when your loved one is most relaxed and more willing to listen to what you have to say.
  • Talk about the benefits
    Before starting the talk, make sure to do your research first. Explain how a caregiver is not there to take away their independence. Caregivers are there to support them and help them maintain independence and comfort at home.
  • Listen to what your parents have to say.
    Communication is a two-way street. So, after saying your piece, make sure to listen to what your loved ones have to say. Don’t dismiss their concerns. Instead, let them know that they are heard and that you are on their side.

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Dancing Offers Health Benefits for Seniors

Has your senior loved one ever expressed their love for dancing? At some point, they may have talked about how they used to be a jitterbug champ or wanted to dance for the fun of it. Either way, it only shows that there is something about hitting the dance floor that brings out their inner youth!

Believe it or not, dancing has a wide range of health benefits for aging adults, according to a care professional in a home health care in Florida. The activity helps improve their balance and endurance, boosts their heart strength, and releases their happy hormones. It’s a positive form of therapy and physical fitness that can make them age gracefully!

Of course, before you suggest a dancing activity to your senior family member, you must consult first with a health care professional from home health agencies in Palm Beach, Florida. That way, you can plan the best-fitting exercise program for your loved one.

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Puzzle Games Promote Brain Power for Seniors

Aging adults at home will want to challenge themselves to word or number puzzles to maintain a sharp mind and retain their cognitive abilities. Since every type of puzzle game is about problem-solving, it enables their brain to think hard and focus on solving the problem, according to care professionals from home care centers in Florida. It also lowers their chance of developing dementia.

Working on a new piece of a puzzle has mental health benefits for senior adults, including reduced risk of depression. Since it offers a quiet time for them, it helps relieve stress, letting them forget about their day to day concerns. Whenever they successfully solve a puzzle, it generates a feeling of achievement. Senior adults, or anyone for that matter, love the feeling of achieving a breakthrough!

Spending time with your senior loved one over a puzzle game is also a great way to connect and bond. If you can’t be around, you can always hire a licensed caregiver from home health care agencies in Palm Beach, Florida. That way, your aging loved one won’t be playing puzzle games alone.

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