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Key Things to Consider After a Senior Heart Attack

A heart attack takes a massive toll on one’s health. So in the aftermath, it’s crucial to be prepared about providing care. Seniors, in particular, need extra assistance to help them follow their physician’s orders and to help them recover faster.

Here are important factors to consider in aiding their recovery.

  • Medication and exercise.
    A patient who experienced a heart attack must strictly follow their medication routine. So being there to remind them to take their medications can help in their healing. Also, encouraging them to engage in appropriate exercise can help improve their heart health and reduce the risk of another attack.
  • Stress management.
    Successful stress and anxiety management are essential in a fast and successful recovery. You or a home care aide can help alleviate your loved one’s stress by providing companionship and support whenever they need it. Encouraging them to do meditation can also help.
  • Finding the right home health care provider.
    Having a skilled team of caregivers, nurses, and therapists to assist in your loved one’s recovery is also beneficial. Not only can they administer medications and monitor your loved one’s condition, but they can also help reduce heart attack risk factors.

Active Home Health Care can help aid in your loved one’s recovery process. As a trusted provider of home health care in Florida, we ensure that our skilled team will provide top-notch services for the fast and successful recovery of your loved one.

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Apt Therapies for the Elderly to Support Their Holistic Health

Your elderly loved ones might already have chronic conditions that require them to take maintenance meds. Considering that some meds are synthetic, it’s a must to help the elderly cope with the side effects. This is when healthcare services from home health agencies in Palm Beach, Florida come in handy. To boost their health, the following therapies might help:

  • Physical Therapy
    With this therapy, you can help seniors regain or maintain optimal body functions, especially their arms and feet. They’ll receive gait training and therapeutic exercises to ease muscle pains. Avail of this service from a reputable home health care in Florida to enjoy a results-oriented service.
  • Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT)
    MNT is a highly recommended therapy to help seniors rely on proper nutrition for health recovery and maintenance. As a non-invasive medical approach, MNT focuses on how foods help alleviate specific health conditions (e.g., diabetes, heart problems, kidney failure). MNT is available at hospitals or home via a home care provider.
  • Art, Aromatherapy, and Music Therapy
    These are alternative therapies that boost your elderly loved ones’ emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Music and art therapies could help relieve stress and inspire creativity. Aromatherapy is best done before bedtime.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    It’s also common for the elderly to feel anxiety and sadness. CBT is the key to help them manage these feelings. With this service, they’ll work closely with therapists to come up with a daily routine. Routines are important for seniors to avoid the cycle of anxiety.

Seniors need all the support they need for them to enjoy a quality life. If you like to avail of these services, feel free to visit or reach out to Active Home Health Care, a home care company offering medical and alternative care approaches.